Airport Campaign with Lere’s Shoeshine

The campaign was built around three important points that differentiate Nexia SAB&T from other firms; its global relevance through Nexia International, yet local presence with offices in all 9 provinces of South Africa and a dedication to our clients that builds on the new brand proposition, namely that of being and its message being ‘Closer to you, from the Ground Up’.

Closer to you, from the Ground Up really resonates with the history of our firm, which was established by two entrepreneurs 24 years ago and has grown to one of the 9 largest accounting practices in South Africa. Just growing our business has never been achievement enough for us, as such we continually look to find ways to demonstrate to our clients and the communities we come from how we can serve them in a manner that is closer to them and assists them from the ground up.

For the campaign, we partnered with South African entrepreneur, Lere Mosieane and the shoe shine service he provides at OR Tambo International Airport known as Lere’s Shoe Shine. For the duration of the campaign, Nexia SAB&T picked up the tab for every traveller’s shoe shine flying domestically through South Africa’s largest airport. The campaign garnered a lot of exposure for Lere and his business, including opportunities to interact with our client base at the launch and opportunities to grow his business into partnerships with corporates.

Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) Car Wash Campaign

Following on from the success of our initiative with Lere’s Shoe Shine, we sought an opportunity to do something similar for another entrepreneurial South African business and found an opportunity at the GIBS campus where a cooperative of individuals was providing car wash services to students under the name Bambanani Eco Car Wash.

In return for the opportunity to expose our brand to the more than 4 000 visitors to GIBS per week, we bought all new environmentally friendly, low-water consumption car wash machines for the team at GIBS, along with the services of a professional design house to revamp their brand, logo and supply them with uniforms.

The car wash crew are the stars of our campaign and are working towards realising their entrepreneurial spirit.

Team Nexia riding for Reach for a Dream at the Telkom 94.7 Cycle Challenge

Reach for a Dream, gives hope to children fighting life-threatening illnesses through the fulfillment of their dreams.

This year, Team Nexia will be participating for the 5th time at the Telkom 94.7 Cycle Challenge.

Sponsor a Dream Rider for as little as R1 per kilometre, and be part of realising the dreams of a child in need.

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